Project Gallery

Brand Refurbishment

NCI delivered the large premade signage made by Imagine BDR then completed the installation.

Mercedes Benz Auckland

NCI completed a rebrand of the Auckland franchises, this involved in house assembly, wiring of LED’s and a lot of planning both on and off site, along with transportation of all signage and on site installation using NCI and out sourced access equipment.

NZ Police

NZ Police Waikato region was recently re-imaged. NCI installed all premade signage supplied by Torque which included way finding, fascia, road side plinths and window graphics. There was a specific target to meet for this and NCI was able to deliver on time with quality results.

Waitemata & Auckland DHB

NCI has worked closely with its partners to give the hospital signage an upgrade, both externally and internally. This project spanned out over several stages, and involved a lot of aspects, including night works, working at heights and road traffic management. This project was fully project managed by NCI.

Bad Times at the El Royale LED – Illuminated Signage

NCI installed signage onto a bus stop in Auckland city. A job like this in the city needed a few things before being able to install. Traffic management Hiab truck and driver Installing team of 4 which consisted of Hiab truck and driver to lift sign, 1 spotter to make sure all health and safety aspects are followed and that the public are safe from any potential hazards, and 2 team members to fasten sign in place and make sure LED’s are fitted and working correctly.

L’Oreal Stand Install – Shop Fit outs

NCI does a few shop fit outs for L’Oreal, which include updating the dust panels and inserting the new banners into the illuminated sections of the stands. These types of jobs are generally done before shop hours and required the fittings to be de-stocked before we can move them to the correct positions and the new dust panels and banners to be installed. The installer would than make sure the signage lighting is working.

3M Command light box

Repair yellow lightboxes, replace parts required. Our installers arranged to go to site of this major retail outlet to fix the light fixture that was not working. This consisted of testing the lights, swapping out the transformers if needed and reassembling the box and checking that the end product is in working order.


Part 1 was to apply new vinyl graphics to top angled windows: This required use of a 20m boom lift which our senior installers were harnessed into as they applied drop by drop.

Part 2: Lift House Signs: Install printed pvc vinyl banner skins to 4 x existing plywood panels 3000mmh x 2400mmw

Western face required installation by abseil team.