Our Services

Retail Fit-outs & Installation

From makeup cabinets through to visual display units with themes – we provide full installation of modular units through to promotional fit outs.

Custom made cabinet installation

Promotional front of house displays

Promotional signage installation

Display stands

Digital display units

Vinyl application

Sign & Billboard Maintenance

Once you have your brand message installed and signage on site it doesn’t stop there. We can keep an eye on it for you and provide regular maintenance including cleaning or replacement of bulbs/LED or hardware through to replacement of any old mounting components.

Old sign refurbishment

Maintenance schedule ongoing

ACM/fascia replacement

Repairs and cleaning

Safety assessment

Site Surveys

This service is a small cost that will realize large savings and pick up any roadblocks or technical challenges before any other money is spent on project. Contact us to book a customized site survey enabling you and your team to design, build and provide a solution that we can install. This service will save you money on install/location and conformity to regulations.

On site industry experienced technicians

Provided around meeting your project brief and budget

Formulated template for your products

Tailor made solutions

Detailed written reports

National rollout solutions

Digital Screen Installation

Providing you and your client with on site solutions and sub framing for large format or small format digital screens.

Engineered design framework

Outdoor large format solutions

Retail fit out solutions

Building application

Roof mounting

Pole mount

Signage Maintenance And Cleaning Services

Why pay more for a sign that you can get for much less with NCI? Keeping your signs in good condition is cheaper than replacing them with new ones.

Replace burnt-out lightbulbs

Repaint faded signs

Dust away cobwebs

Wash off grime

Engineering & Civil Works

We have all our own equipment from concrete saws through to Hi-Ab trucks. You give us the site and we will dig it. Site and ground assessment for services including water, communication and power.

Civil works specialists

Ground radar capabilities

Dump trucks and Hi – Ab loader

Hydro Vac partners

Spoil removal from site

Re in-statement of site

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Health & Safety

Expert Team: Ensuring Site Safety & Cost Efficiency

Our team is qualified to ensure safety on site and avoid exposure to you and your client to large cost through unqualified installations and poor equipment or site management. We don’t cut corners on safety as this is now exposing large damages and cost to you and your clients.

Site safe accredited

Site specific health & safety

EWP (Elevated Work Platform)


Full vehicle on site insurance

Working at heights accreditation